Odyssey Toe Up Putter

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 For years, putters have been designed with perimeter weighting and face technologies to make the ball roll better, even on a mis-hit. But the idea of making your stroke better even before the club gets to impact might produce even more meaningful change.

The latest is from industry leader Odyssey, what it’s calling Toe Up putters. The name is based on how these models orient themselves “toe up” when balanced on the shaft vs. the “toe down” or “face-balanced” orientations found on most putters.

Chief designer Austie Rollinson explains: “The whole idea is in the smaller blade style putter to reduce the torque that you’re feeling in the hands.

“That torque may change your grip pressure and change how you rotate it back and forth, and it may cause inconsistencies in your stroke. Trying to eliminate that torque will help you be more consistent. If it starts square, it will be easier to delivering that face back to square.”



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